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          Affected by the slaying of George Floyd, our founder attended a community forum to listen to community leaders. As she heard the struggles voiced by police chief Buske when it came to building relationships with the community, she felt led to share some of her own ideas. Chief Buske invited her to meet with him and the assistant police chiefs, who welcomed her warmly. They listened to her ideas and took a bold leap of faith with her to step out of their comfort zones to try some very new ways to build relationships with the community they served and I Heart Bryan was born. 

          Since that fateful day, I Heart Bryan has sought out to find all the gaps in the relationships between various parts of our community and has strived to build bridges over those gaps to create more unity. Our police engagement events have now been duplicated all over the world and we are very happy to share our how and tell anyone who asks, why we love Bryan so much. Come chat with us at one of our events!


Our Mission

From the beginning, our mission has been to create programs, events, and initiatives that build bridges  between the various aspects of our community.

LGBTQ+ Meet & Greet Our Police Chief

Our Vision

To create a more unified community where every resident can say, "this is a great place to live."