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Belong in Bryan is an initiative focused on helping the new residents or potentially new residents of Bryan get plugged into the community. We want everyone to feel welcomed and truly feel a part of this wonderful community from the beginning. We love having new people move here from other towns, states, and even countries. We want to make Bryan a home for everyone and keep our new friends here. You belong in Bryan- let us show you!



Led by our amazing team mate, Kristin Strother, Belong In Bryan will be a way for our community to connect with new residents to make them feel like they belong here. Check our social media pages and events page often for the dates and details of their events. 


Our vision is to show new residents and existing residents that they belong in Bryan. We love to see people getting plugged into the community and connecting with others that live here. We enjoy seeing people at our events meet their best friend, mom friend, soulmate, business partner, and everything in between. We want people to truly plant their roots here and stay here. We want Bryan to really become your home!

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