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Police Engagement

We started this organization to build relationships between law enforcement and our community. While we have grown to build relationships between various aspects of our community, we continue to work with police departments all over the world to help with some of our out-of-the-box ideas to help them build relationships with their own community.

How? Well, that depends on each department and their community. We value every relationship with each department we work with. We take time to get to know each department, research the community, their culture and everything they have done so far. From that point we creatively strategize new ideas or share some of the things we have done in our own community.


Want to know more? Schedule a meeting with us! Contact us through our "Contact" form, enter subject line "Police Engagement," and a member of our team will reach out. 

How this began

Not to sound cheesy but, Google us! Below is the link to the story of our first event. You can read about us on our "About" tab and there's lots about us if you look us up but to keep it short and sweet, once there was a teacher and a police chief who both loved the community they served very much and instead of just complaining about everything that was wrong with the relationships between law enforcement and the community, they both stepped out of their comfort zones and did something about it. Soon after that, I Heart Bryan was born. 

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