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Our Initiatives

        We know that improvement takes more than just one day or one event so we have taken on building bridges across some issues that we are passionate about. Our initiatives are year around events and efforts that we engage in, to go beyond our annual events. They are designed to start the conversation and create positive change over certain issues or to give other community members an opportunity to be a part of our efforts. You will find the dates, times, and details on our events page.  


            We hope to inspire others to do what they can to bring our community closer together. 



Journey Together

Journey together is a program in which local scholarship recipients are paired with a mentor that will help guide and support them during their college journey. We believe that not only are we investing in the scholarship recipients, but we are also committing to the well being of our community. 

-IHB Initiative Lead: Andrea Alvarado


I Heart to Help 

Connecting community members to community volunteer opportunities.

-IHB Initiative Lead: Mekail Faquir

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Kindly Read

The only thing in this world that can make you good at everything, is reading. Books are magical and can carry you to worlds unimaginable. We want to share our mission through the use of children's books. Come to one of our story times! Dates & times TBA. 


Be The Change of IHB

A group of Bryan ISD kids joined together to spread kindness in their school but their hearts soon grew to  want to spread kindness beyond the walls of their school. They asked us for help for an event they wanted to create and we soon realized they really are the change we wish to see in the world. We made them a permanent part of IHB to support and help them in all their endeavors and initiatives beyond the walls of their schools.



Our Kids


In our community, we have many families with children who have chronic health concerns and needs. These families must travel for the medical facilities and resources they need to make the lives of their children more comfortable. It is our goal and effort to bridge the gap between them and those resources while striving to create more opportunities for them to feel connected to this community. Details TBA.


Come Together

Historically, police and members of the LGBTQ+ community have not had a good relationship. Bryan is no different, but Bryan Police Department is making strides to bridge the gap between marginalized populations. Our community hasn't always been the safest place for members of our LGBTQ+ community. I Heart Bryan aims to create safe, family friendly events for all members of our community, including our LGBTQ+ citizens, while helping to bring members of our police department closer to all members of our society. Bryan Police Chief, Eric Buske, believes that "no citizen should feel unsafe to live in our community." 

-IHB Initiative Lead: Jai Girard