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Teacher Closet is an initiative, by I Heart Bryan, designed to bridge the gap between our community and classroom teachers. Through Teacher Closet we aim to give our community a continuous open pathway to help teachers alleviate having to use personal funds to cover the cost of classroom needs; and in so doing, help teachers feel supported by their community. It is our hope that this initiative is also a positive platform to initiate ongoing conversations about the conditions that affect public school classroom teachers.

Please read below to help!

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We also have an Amazon wishlist! Click below! 

Our Why and How


Teachers, too often use their own funds to cover the expense of necessary class items or just items that create magic in their classrooms. Through Teacher Closet, at Morningstar Storage on FM 2818, our community can bless teachers 365 days a year!

How does it work? Have something to donate? Something that you may think a teacher could use in their classroom? Have something you would like to buy to give to a teacher to alleviate having to buy it themselves? You may bring any items you want to the Morningstar Storage on FM 2818 at 425 N. Harvey Mitchell Pkwy. in Bryan during their business hours. 

M-F: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am- 5pm

Sunday: 10am- 2pm

or email to make other arrangements. 

***Teacher Closet is NOT just for Bryan ISD teachers. We service any educator with a valid school district ID who is willing to drive to our location. You must have and be able to show a valid school district ID to shop, on site.*** 

Watch the news clip below for more details. 

Thank you!!!



Teacher Closet was a dream of our team mate and initiative team lead Monica Martinez. She had seen other models happen but she wanted to create something that allowed more engagement between communities and teachers.


Thank you Monica for your courage!


To have continuous way for our community to help teachers with supplies and various other classroom items. 


Want to help? 

To have a continuous way for our community to help teachers with supplies and various other classroom items, we also need a continuous way to keep items organized and stocked. Please join our Teacher Closet team through Service Saturdays. Helping a Saturday here and there makes a huge difference in offering this amazing system to teachers. Join us on a Saturday! 

Click here to sign up! 

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